Released November 1997. Featuring the Garden Variety Band (Dale Bradley, Kevin McCornack and Eileen Sterns). Eight McCornack originals, a favorite Bill Staines tune, and a kid’s classic. Produced by Mike and Carleen McCornack, engineered by Don Ross, with cover art by Beverly Soasey. Kent Peterson did the cover photography.Garden Variety Record Company (cat. no. 7405) (cassette and CD).

There is a special place in our hearts for the important friends of our childhood: our Teddy bears, our favorite toys, the snuggly blanket that goes with us everywhere. Bev Soasey has captured a relationship such as this in her cover illustration for High Hopes. We can only imagine what hopes and dreams the child and the panda are sharing as they look off over the horizon into the evening sky…

Track Listing

  1. BW Hamby (Mike McCornack)
  2. Down In the Fields (Carleen McCornack)
  3. Panda (Mike McCornack)
  4. Dance To Your Daddy (Mike McCornack, based on trad.)
  5. To Soar (Mike McCornack/Tim Sellard)
  6. High Hopes (James Van Heusen/Sammy Cahn)
  7. Weaver (Mike McCornack)
  8. Hole in the Ground (Mike McCornack)
  9. Dinosaurs Sing (Mike McCornack)
  10. Child of Mine (Bill Staines)

The Musicians

Carleen McCornack – guitar, vocals
Mike McCornack – guitar, banjo, keyboards, bass and vocals
Eileen Sterns – hammered dulcimer, mandolin, celtic harp, accordion
Kevin McCornack – concertina, bassoon, harmonica
Dale Bradley – cello, bass


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