Album Info

[currently out of print] This is the recording that started our recording career. The recording led to a contract with Buck Owens, and a couple of near-misses with Capitol and United Artists. Mike and Carleen finally formed their own company to release it, and sold tons. Some still pop up in used record bins around the northwest now and then… Produced by Mike and Carleen, with Rob Perkins, who also engineered. 1974, Garden Variety GVR-7401 (LP), out of print.Bob Greene took the cover photo. The cover photograph for Possibilities was taken in the Lane County (Oregon) Pioneer museum. To avoid upsetting the management, we agreed not to use flash, which meant holding very still. As this photo was being taken, a tour of senior citizens walked by the display where Mike & Carleen were posing. One of the seniors on the tour was overheard saying “Why, they look so real!” At that point, Mike and Carleen didn’t dare move…

Track Listing

  1. A Love Song (Kenny Loggins – D.L. George)
  2. Hole In The Ground (Mike McCornack)
  3. Learning Tree (Mike McCornack – Dan McCornack)
  4. Four Nights Drunk (trad.)
  5. Nothin’ Too Heavy (Carleen Tate McCornack)
  6. Rain Song (Mike McCornack)
  7. Killing Me Softly With His Song (Norman Gimbel – Charles Fox)
  8. Morton Simon (Mike McCornack)
  9. Dueling Banjos (trad. arr. Eric Weissberg)
  10. Song For Judith (Judy Collins)
  11. Loving Arms (Tom Jans)
  12. Possibilities (Mike McCornack)

The Musicians

  • Carleen McCornack – guitar, vocals
  • Mike McCornack – guitar, banjo, keyboards, bass and vocals
  • Larry Cummings – steel guitar
  • Don Ross – bass
  • Bruce Endicott (Rex Stallion) – drums
  • Dennis Senff – drums