Our Online Store is Now Live!

Starting October 2021 you can now buy our CDs directly from us, online! Check out our store pages, where all of our CDs are available for purchase. We are currently in the process of setting up digital download sales as well. Watch this space for more information.

As independent artists, we rely on CD sales for our recording income. In the past, we have sold our CDs through CD Baby and Amazon. CD Baby is no longer offering CD sales from their site. Amazon does, but you might be surprised to learn (or not) that Amazon’s cut is very high, in some cases we have lost money selling through Amazon. Know that any sales that occur on this site go directly to us, no middlemen involved, with the exception of a small service charge for secure online payment processing. In the US, we will cover shipping charges as well. What a deal!

And of course, if you are a music streamer, you can always find our music on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon streaming, among others.