Following their string of three highly successful, award-winning children’s albums, in 2002 Mike & Carleen recorded their first album of music for adults since 1983! Nine original songs by Mike & Carleen, one traditional tune, a Bill Staines standard and a beautiful ballad by Portland songwriter Jim Gimlet.Produced by Mike & Carleen McCornack and George Pubanz, and engineered by George Pubanz of SoundFarm Studio, with cover photography by Kent Peterson.

Track Listing

  1. Snowfall Over Baldy (Carleen McCornack)
  2. Follow the Calendar (Mike McCornack)
  3. Proper Cup of Coffee (trad., addl. lyrics Anne Hills and Cindy Mangsen)
  4. Sailing Song (Carleen McCornack)
  5. Luck and Blessings (Mike McCornack)
  6. Pity Party (Mike McCornack)
  7. Like a Rainbow (Mike McCornack)
  8. The Road Not Taken (Jim Gimlett)
  9. Music to Me (Bill Staines)
  10. Living For the One You Love (Mike McCornack)
  11. Where the Wind Blows (Mike McCornack)

The Musicians

Carleen McCornack – guitar, vocals
Mike McCornack – guitar, keyboards, bass and vocals
Kevin McCornack – concertina, bassoon, harmonica
Dale Bradley – cello
Eileen Sterns – harp, hammer dulcimer, mandolin
Megan McCornack – piano
Andy McCornack – percussion
Robert Moore – English Horn


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