Digitally re-mastered in 2002, this live-in-the-studio recording is finally available on CD. The original concept of bringing a couple hundred good friends into the studio and then making music was just too much fun, and it resulted in a great album. Inclusion of a couple of kid’s songs resulted in a clamor for a kid’s album, which led to… you know the rest. Produced by George Pubanz with Mary Ellen Collentine, engineered by Don Ross, executive producers Mike and Carleen McCornack, cover design and art by Beverly Soasey, and photography by Paul Rosenfeld.1983, 2002, Garden Variety GVC-7403 (CD).

It was a beautiful day at Hayden Bridge Park on the McKenzie River east of Springfield, Oregon when photographer Paul took the cover photograph for Live On Earth. The “live in the studio” album is still the favorite of many Mike & Carleen fans.

Track Listing

  1. When The Feeling Comes Around (Rick Cunha)
  2. Cannonball Rag (Merle Travis)
  3. A Little Bit Late (Louis Wickham)
  4. Cottonwoods (Carleen McCornack)
  5. My Best Friend Lars (Mike McCornack)
  6. The Teddy Bears’ Picnic (Jimmy Kennedy & John Bratton)
  7. Something’s Got To Change (Mike McCornack)
  8. Snowdrop (trad.)
  9. A Color So Familiar (Carleen McCornack)
  10. I’ll See You In C-U-B-A (Irving Berlin)
  11. Legacy (Carleen McCornack)
  12. Hockey Puck (Mike McCornack)
  13. Humboldt Bay (Carleen McCornack)
  14. That Palomino Pal o’ Mine (Kenwood Kingsley)
  15. Happy Trails To You (Dale Evans)

The Musicians

Carleen McCornack – guitar, vocals
Mike McCornack – guitar, banjo, and vocals
George Pubanz – Coconuts, harmony vocals & truffles
David Brazelton – harmonica and harmony vocals


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